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Just this week I tried to book a flight to Haiti for late February, Spirit Airlines fare was under $300.00 and... » »
Frequent Flyer, 02/20/10 6:33 PM

I have been traveling to Haiti from San Francisco for the past 24 years. On Pan American and on Eastern, years ago... » »
Joseph Augustin, 02/20/10 4:14 PM

When flying to Haiti, which airlines do you prefer? American Airlines or Spirit Airlines - Cast your vote now... Tell... » »
Flights To Haiti, 02/20/10 3:47 PM

FEDEX does ship to Haiti are you implying that you cannot ship to Haiti via Federal Express? Here what I saw on their... » »
Fedex Ships To Haiti, 02/20/10 10:44 AM

American Airlines has been getting away with murders in Haiti, and it is time to stop them. They charge us so much... » »
Josy, 02/19/10 9:47 PM

I think R LUMARQUE is right about the stupid policy. Je pense que R LUMARQUE a raison à propos de cette stupide... » »
Peter90.love, 02/19/10 6:00 PM

I just got off the phone with the Spirit Airlines and it told me that will resume flights to Haiti starting February... » »
Flights To Haiti, 02/19/10 12:50 PM

What AA needs to do is to change their stupid policy about not taking boxes, only luggages on their flights. Many... » »
R. Lumarque, 02/18/10 10:33 PM

well you have to leave in Haiti for 7 yrs to become a Haitian Citizen and then you can get a haitian passport.. now i... » »
Rza, 02/17/10 9:16 AM

was they a reason, why you got denied.. specially if you have all the correct document. what was missing from your... » »
Rza, 02/17/10 8:50 AM