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Here is a Spirit Airlines Update On Haiti Flexible Travel Policy found on their website regarding post earthquake... » »
Spiri Airlines Haiti Info, 02/24/10 8:40 PM

All flight reservations to and from Haiti with spirit airlines have been cancelled, Spirit is still not flying to... » »
Woody, 02/24/10 8:25 PM

we need to have our own 727 jet.. » »
Tigeorges, 02/23/10 7:09 PM

There is some info about Auberge au Picolet Hotel here:The full list of Haiti hotels are here: » »
Pajla Haiti Hotels, 02/21/10 12:21 PM

how do I get in touch with this hotel, will travel to cap haitian within a year and would like to stay at auberge au... » »
Anne, 02/21/10 12:05 PM

The fact is AA have been disrespecting the Haitian clientele for years is not a reflection of AA but the clients who... » »
Ayjay Jordan, 02/21/10 11:19 AM

Elementary my dear! The Haitian flying public has handed American a monopoly and they use it to charge outrageous high... » »
Fritz Jean-philippe, 02/21/10 10:29 AM

I would never ship my personal belongings via Fed Ex. in advance if I was going to Haiti, because I will never see... » »
Josy, 02/20/10 11:00 PM

Call spirit airlines or visit their web site. With airline tickets, it really depends on availability, the season, and... » »
Flights To Haiti, 02/20/10 9:20 PM

How much the ticket will be? » »
Roseline, 02/20/10 9:17 PM