Young Haitian Americans now considering Vacationing in Haiti

Royal Decameron Beach Resort, a great vacation destination when in Haiti

Many young Haitian-American college graduates who have just joined the workforce are considering Haiti as their main Caribbean vacation destination.

It is a wonderful thing to get a spend some time in paradise (that's what the Caribbean is called) while getting a taste of home sweet home.

Many Haitian parents tell the kids about Haiti and want their Haitian-American children to visit Haiti; however, for the parents, their idea of a vacation in Haiti is visiting folks back home.

For Haitian-Americans in their early to mid twenties, visiting cousins and aunties in Haiti is not their idea of vacation. Like most Americans, they want to go to the Caribbean, they want to spend a few days or a week in a resort, party hard, and spend the day at the beach. That's what they consider a vacation.

Since the opening of an all-inclusive resort in Haiti like the Royal Decameron Indigo Beach Resort & Spa, many of these young Haitian Americans are coming to Haiti as a vacation destination.

To a these young vacationing Haitian-Americans I say: don't come alone, bring your non Haitian friends with you so they can learn to love where you are from. They won't regret it and neither will you

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