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My friend, it is very simple, when your flight is cancelled, you call the airline and demand a full refund. they have... » »
Fritz Jean-philippe, 02/26/10 9:02 PM

If you are calling spirit airlines asking for a airline ticket refund for a recent reservation to Haiti make sure that... » »
Woody, 02/26/10 10:42 AM

I just call to get a refund for my cancelled flight to Haiti and they offered me a future flight credit for $181.53... » »
Woody, 02/26/10 10:33 AM

Do not book on Spirit Airlines until they actually start flying to port-au-prince again. They have no clue about when... » »
Fritz Jean-philippe, 02/25/10 11:24 PM

I have not heard anyone going or coming from haiti uning these airlines.They all go or come from DR. » »
Nathalie, 02/25/10 2:46 PM

If you are flying to haiti make sure you know for a fact that spirit is landing in Haiti, I already had a reservation... » »
Hp, 02/25/10 2:44 PM

i am told this morning by Spirit Airlines Agent that flights to Haiti will resume on 3/1/10 » »
Tigeorges, 02/25/10 2:41 PM

I heard on the radio the voices of some people who are stucked in Haiti with no nomey, and brought round trip tickets... » »
Josy, 02/25/10 1:38 AM

yes woodering american fly to haiti, i just came from haiti today after one month and seven days in haiti » »
Jean Alix Jean-simon, 02/24/10 10:05 PM

My friend in Haiti tell me that there are American Airlines flights to Haiti everyday right now. He even said that... » »
Frequent Flyer, 02/24/10 8:43 PM