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Eliphene Jean says...

I have my odl passport it expire now I need a new one what can I DO?

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Posted by Eliphene Jean on February 11 2011 at 7:21 PM

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Hi! What are prices to optain a haitian pass port from miami,fl and how many days will it take to receive. > >
Patrick, 9-Jun-12 12:25 pm
Yes dear about your question of obtening a copy of a birth certificate from Haiti.what you need to do is to find some... > >
Racine Auguste, 20-Mar-12 8:58 pm
Does anyone know if it's possible to order a copy of one's copy of birth certificate from Archives Nationales d'Haiti... > >
Lucie, 5-Mar-12 4:23 pm
im currently in haiti i lost my passport,i have a green card. Where can i go get a passport asap..... > >
Evelyne, 22-Nov-11 11:03 pm
Does a Haitian Passport requite residency or citizenship? Can you help me? I need an answer. thank you. > >
Mark, 1-Oct-11 11:31 pm
my name is Marie i came in NY in 2010 after the earthquake but now i have my green card and social security also but i... > >
Marie Immacula Leo Simon, 25-Aug-11 2:42 pm
You will never get real help If you live in Miami, The people in the Miami office are crooks, You need to go to Boston... > >
Bebe, 6-Mar-11 10:26 am
Im haitian and i never have my pasport do to my name that wasnt mach with some of my paper, my married licens have one... > >
Lylise Alcennat, 28-Feb-11 4:59 am
If you are frustrated from getting a passport I can recommend visit European countries. There is not required passport... > >
Ubytov N Slovensko, 13-Feb-11 9:43 am
I have my odl passport it expire now I need a new one what can I DO? > >
Eliphene Jean, 11-Feb-11 7:21 pm
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