Tourist Police Coming to Haiti in 2013

The New Image of Haiti - Relaxing at the Beach

Starting in 2013 Haiti will have Tourist Police in tourist areas to protect visitors to the Republic of Haiti.

The Haitian Tourist Police will secure the surrounding of Haiti hotels, restaurants, attractions and also to inform visitors traveling to Haiti.

This great new measure was taken by Haiti Minister of Tourism Stéphanie Balmir Villedrouin

The Haitian Minister of Tourism says...

We must arrange the sidewalks of hotels and restaurants in Haiti... Merchant and beggars should not be present when you leave a restaurant... You should not have 5-10 young people who come to ask you for money... It is important that I have security officer which can reassure the customer, who is able to inform the tourist as well...

There are Tourist Police in all tourist destinations, this is not something we invented, the Haitian Minister of Tourism says...

Two thumbs up for Haiti Minsier of Tourism Villedrouin.

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