Do I need a passport to travel to Haiti?

Haitian Passport

Many pepole ask: Do I need a valid passport to travel to Haiti?

Yes you do need a passport to travel to Haiti. Haiti does require you to have a valid passport.

From the US Department of State:

Haitian law requires U.S. citizens to have a passport to enter Haiti. In the past, officials have waived this requirement if travelers had a certified copy of their U.S. birth certificate.

The U.S. Embassy strongly recommends that U.S. citizens obtain passports before travel to Haiti.

Once in Haiti, an undocumented U.S. citizen can experience delays of several weeks for the issuance of a passport, as it is often more difficult to establish identity and citizenship overseas than in the United States.

U.S. Citizens traveling to and from Haiti must present a valid passport when entering or re-entering the United States. We strongly encourage all American citizen travelers to apply for a U.S. passport or passport cardĀ well in advance of anticipated travel.

American citizens can visit or call 1-877-4USA-PPT (1-877-487-2778) for information on how to apply for their passports.

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