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Hey, I'm in boston and my passport is expire since last year. Now i need tto renew it but i don't have my birth... » »
Barbara J., 11/30/10 12:29 PM

I am Colombian, If I buy a visa before hand for Haiti, can I get into Haiti? » »
The Cpra, 10/26/10 10:59 AM

I have been been to haiti 5 times. With mission groups mainly. I was associated with a mission that is still there in... » »
Jessica F., 10/25/10 12:28 PM

dear sir, I am Bangladeshi,i need to haiti visa.please give me infromation how about visa collection.thanks.ismail » »
Ismail Hossain, 10/17/10 9:01 AM

DEAR SIR, I am Bangladeshi.i meed to haiti visa.please give infromation how about visa cpllection?please reply... » »
Ismail Hossain, 10/17/10 8:31 AM

Le Lambi has been closed since the quake. We have Hope Alive! Clinic Ministries in Mariani and when we bring medical... » »
F. Jacobs, 09/21/10 6:53 PM

I recently stayed at L'Hermitage in Pandiassou. It blew me away! The setting was beautiful, serene and lush. My room... » »
C Luallin, 09/03/10 10:59 PM

Yep sure looks like a ride to the Pignon airport to me. Looks like MFI (Missionary Flights International's) DC3 coming... » »
Gary, 06/11/10 6:29 PM

hello sir. i want a visa for haiti plz help me.plz » »
Muhammad Shafiq, 05/19/10 1:26 AM

ola sou Angolana e gostaria de visitar e ir ajudar o Haiti, eu preciso de visto? » »
Marcela, 05/15/10 11:18 AM