No Visa Required for Haitian Businessmen and Diplomats Visiting Barbados

USA Visa Multiple On A Haitian Passport

If you are a Haitian Businessman or a Diplomat, you can fly to Barbados, no visa required but there is a catch...

What is the catch you ask?

Barbados allows free movement of Haitian diplomats and business executives who hold American visas or Schengen visas.

What Is A Schengen Visa?

So in other words, Mr and Mrs Haitian traveler must hold two of the most difficult visa in the world in order to enter Barbados...


Being that an American visa is very hard to get in Haiti, that leaves most Haitians out of the loop. reports...

Barbados is now the 10th CARICOM member state to sign a visa waiver agreement with Haiti, allowing business people from that country and diplomats to visit the country without a visa.

The document was signed by Barbados Foreign Minister, Maxine McClean, while Haiti's Special Envoy to CARICOM, John Alexis signed on behalf of Port-au-Prince.

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