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Impossible because u was not born there, unless you beocme a Haitian citizen.. that is the only way.. » »
Rza, 02/17/10 8:44 AM

are you a U.S citizen or a Haitian Citizen... U.S citizen you get your passport renew at the Post Office and it... » »
Rza, 02/17/10 8:37 AM

you need your old passport and birth certificate that is all and the money to pay for it.. » »
Rza, 02/17/10 8:19 AM

i am not an Immigration officer... but if you were born in the Bahamas that mean you are a Bahamian therefore you dont... » »
Rza, 02/17/10 8:16 AM

American Airlines says it will resume regular flights to Haiti starting Friday, the first commercial flights since the... » »
Flights To Haiti, 02/17/10 6:24 AM

as a member in the miltary on military orders do i need a passport to go to haiti? » »
John, 02/11/10 12:02 PM

Bonjour, Mwen ap viv Ayiti mwen ta renmen konen ki pri yon (PASPO) pou gran mou'n ki genyen 18tan é plis ak ti... » »
Made In Amerik, 01/27/10 7:16 PM

This is for everyone in Haiti, who has family/friends in Haiti and who needs inspiration to keep helping Haiti after... » »
Lisa, 01/27/10 11:39 AM

I am glad to see that IBO LELE hotel and beach did not lose from thier beuty. I was there in 1979.Loved this place and... » »
Rebecca, 01/17/10 10:54 AM

RN wants to help. Neonatal, critial care, hospice care. If you form a team or just go by yourselves, would like to... » »
Linda Woods Rn, 01/15/10 6:03 PM