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RE: Need an Haiti Passport

well you have to leave in Haiti for 7 yrs to become a Haitian Citizen and then you can get a haitian passport.. now i... more »

RE: Haiti Passport Requirement

was they a reason, why you got denied.. specially if you have all the correct document. what was missing from your... more »

RE: Haiti Passport Requirement

Impossible because u was not born there, unless you beocme a Haitian citizen.. that is the only way.. more »

RE: Haiti Passport Requirement

are you a U.S citizen or a Haitian Citizen... U.S citizen you get your passport renew at the Post Office and it... more »

RE: Haiti Passport Requirement

you need your old passport and birth certificate that is all and the money to pay for it.. more »

RE: can i get a passport withou mydadbirthcertificate?

i am not an Immigration officer... but if you were born in the Bahamas that mean you are a Bahamian therefore you dont... more »

RE: Canada Says: Travel to Haiti Haiti Is Safer

Well it is about time. even before when i went to Haiti, las year. i saw alot of tourist in Haiti... i was out there... more »

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