RE: can i get a passport withou mydadbirthcertificate?

Rza - February 17 2010, 8:16 AM

i am not an Immigration officer...

but if you were born in the Bahamas that mean you are a Bahamian therefore you dont need a Haitian Passport, u was not born in haiti, your parents are citizen of haiti not you. you dont need you dad Birthcertificate to get you a passport.

all they want to know is your info your birth cetificate and other document to prove that you are who you said who are?

think about all the kids with out dad you have passport...

so u dont your dad info may his first name and last name on the application that is about it..

check with your Embassador in Bahamas..

they will be able to tell you what you need ...

i am hoping that info is helpful to you..

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If you are born in the Bahamas you are not granted...

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