Haiti Passport Haiti Passport Requirement

Here are the requirements to obtain a passport from the Embassy of the Republic of Haiti in Washington DC

You need the Expired Haitian passport

You need your original Haitian birth certificate or a copy certified with the original or a birth certificate from the Haitian National Archives

You need two different forms of identification

You will also need Two (2) color pictures (passport size) no more than six (6) months, bearing the seal of the photographer and date. The bearer will register his/ her name on the back of the pictures

If you are married you will need the original Marriage certificate if you are is a married woman applying for a Haitian passport.

If you are a divorced Haitian woman, you will need Act of Divorce.

If you are a Haitian woman and your husband is dead, you will need the Death certificate of your husband.

If you are a minor applying for a Haitian passport than you will need a parental authorization signed by one of your parents or legal guardian.


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