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RE: Le Lambi Beach Hotel Haiti - Traveler Reviews

Le Lambi has been closed since the quake. We have Hope Alive! Clinic Ministries in Mariani and when we bring medical... more »

RE: Ermitage Hotel Pandiassou Haiti - Traveler Reviews

I recently stayed at L'Hermitage in Pandiassou. It blew me away! The setting was beautiful, serene and lush. My room... more »

RE: Pignon Haiti, Ride To The Airport

Yep sure looks like a ride to the Pignon airport to me. Looks like MFI (Missionary Flights International's) DC3 coming... more »

Re: Visa To Haiti

hello sir. i want a visa for haiti plz help me.plz more »

Re: Visa To Haiti

ola sou Angolana e gostaria de visitar e ir ajudar o Haiti, eu preciso de visto? more »

Re: Visa To Haiti

Hello, If you are going as a volunteer with a volunteer group, what type of visa do you need and how long will it take... more »

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want to know about traveling.This is a wonderful opinion. The things mentioned are great and needs to be appreciated... more »

RE: Maguana Hotel Hinche Haiti - Traveler Reviews

"Swimming Pool", previously filled with no doubt infectious River Guayamounco water, only a brown puddle since corpse... more »


I am an American, but I have a home in the Dominican Republic. I have a fiance who is in the Philippines. My idea is... more »

RE: Le Lambi Beach Hotel Haiti - Traveler Reviews

"Being that this area in Mariani Haiti had many night clubs like Cassablanca, Copa Cabana, Fiesta, and the famous "Kay... more »