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Maikel Rocha Martinez says...

soy cubano con residencia ecuatoriana, quiero saber si puedo viajar a haiti de turismo y que requisitos tengo que tener

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Posted by Maikel Rocha Martinez on April 2 2011 at 9:45 PM

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I am taking a a group to Haiti in a few days that includes former foreign exchange student from Korea. WE are staying... > >
Howard Munson, 22-Jun-11 11:21 am
mwen ta renmen ale haiti men mwen pa gen visa kisa poum fe poum ka ale. mwen vle ale mwa out la > >
Frantz-cine, 6-Jun-11 11:51 am
mwen gen manman mwen an Ayiti ke mwen ta vle antre mwen genyen 17an men se a 18 an mwen ka fil aplication pou li. Mwen... > >
Paulette Jean Baptiste, 20-Apr-11 6:06 pm
soy cubano con residencia ecuatoriana,quiero saber si puedo viajar a haiti de turismo y que requisitos tengo que tener > >
Maikel Rocha Martinez, 2-Apr-11 9:45 pm
Lol! You just wanted to promote you site. > >
Bebe, 6-Mar-11 7:57 pm
I am form Pakistan do we need Visa?, Which Language is use in Haiti? Can I find a Job in Haiti, is it possibile to do... > >
Syed Haroon Ali, 5-Jan-11 2:08 am
I am Colombian, If I buy a visa before hand for Haiti, can I get into Haiti? > >
The Cpra, 26-Oct-10 10:59 am
dear sir, I am Bangladeshi,i need to haiti visa.please give me infromation how about visa collection.thanks.ismail > >
Ismail Hossain, 17-Oct-10 9:01 am
DEAR SIR, I am Bangladeshi.i meed to haiti visa.please give infromation how about visa cpllection?please reply... > >
Ismail Hossain, 17-Oct-10 8:31 am
hello sir. i want a visa for haiti plz help me.plz > >
Muhammad Shafiq, 19-May-10 1:26 am
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