Hotels In Haiti

Htb says...

Have you ever been inside a Haiti Hotel?

When you go to Haiti do you stay in a Hotel?

If so please tell us which Haiti hotel you stay in
and what you think about that hotel?

You will find a list of Haiti Hotels here:

Do you have a Hotel in Haiti?

you can list it for free here:

Now, if you have ever stayed in a hotel in Haiti tell us which one and how you like it

Posted by Htb on February 27 2008 at 9:33 AM

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je trouve cette déclaration très exagérée sinon c'est manquer d égard aux importants efforts fournis par le... > >
Gros Gigit, 24-Dec-11 8:52 am
hermitage hotel is one of the top hotel in Haiti. It is located in southwest of Hinche,Haiti. It is surrounded with a... > >
Alex Jeanmary, 15-Feb-11 11:26 pm
A place where you can read news, chat, watch movies, listen to radio and more. > >
Cluade, 23-Jan-11 12:36 am
Le Lambi has been closed since the quake. We have Hope Alive! Clinic Ministries in Mariani and when we bring medical... > >
F. Jacobs, 21-Sep-10 6:53 pm
I recently stayed at L'Hermitage in Pandiassou. It blew me away! The setting was beautiful, serene and lush. My room... > >
C Luallin, 3-Sep-10 10:59 pm
"Swimming Pool", previously filled with no doubt infectious River Guayamounco water, only a brown puddle since corpse... > >
Mojo, 14-Apr-10 4:09 pm
"Being that this area in Mariani Haiti had many night clubs like Cassablanca, Copa Cabana, Fiesta, and the famous "Kay... > >
Janjan, 16-Mar-10 1:16 pm
hahahahahaha, that is too funny.... > >
Pat, 16-Mar-10 11:40 am
There is some info about Auberge au Picolet Hotel here: The full list of Haiti hotels are here: > >
Pajla Haiti Hotels, 21-Feb-10 12:21 pm
how do I get in touch with this hotel, will travel to cap haitian within a year and would like to stay at auberge au... > >
Anne, 21-Feb-10 12:05 pm
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