Haiti Twoubadou By The Beach

Woodring Saint Preux - March 7 2009, 1:47 PM

When was the last time you traveled to Haiti to have some fun?

Have you ever been in Haiti, at the beach, eating Lambi and poisson gro sel, drinking some Haitian Rum Barbancourt or your favorite wine, and listening to some Haiti twoubadou?

Here is a video of happy Haitian people enjoying thenselves at Raymond Les Bain, a beach in Jacmel, while listening to "Fanm sa-a se zanmi-m li ye...

an twoubadou!"

Se zanmi-m li ye an Troubadou at Raymond les Bains

Se zanmi-m li ye an Troubadou at Raymond les Bains part 2

Se zanmi-m li ye an Troubadou at Raymond les Bains part 3

Are you a Haitian christian?

Do you think Jesus would be mad if you did that?

I'm asking because I know many who swear this is a sin...

Oh Well, I guess I am going to Hell!

I've been there, it's breathtaking!

It's the part of Haiti that you will never understand unless you try it.

Have you ever been there?

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Wesna says...

I was there for the carnaval i had a great time and now i might go back again fin juillet........Haiti cheri panm lan more »

Jean Claude Pierre says...

hi thanks for that beautiful and exiting moment u shared with me. yes i am a christian a pastor pricisely but you know... more »

The Permanend Tourist says...

Haiti Cherie is as safe and as dangerous as any other country around the world. I live in the United States and there... more »

The Permanent Tourist says...

I wanted to go to Kanaval in Haiti this year but by the time I decided to buy my ticket, it was just too expensive. I... more »

Lillian says...

Hi Woodring: I am often in Haiti, but could not make it for Carnaval, watching the enclosed video, I was very happy to... more »