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Haiti Hotel Reviews - February 9 2009, 4:05 PM

Hotel Ermitage de Pandiassou is located in Pandiassou, near Hinche, Haiti.

Pandiassou comes from spanish "Pan Y Asucar" meaning bread and sugar.

Pandiassou is a small town not far from Hinche en route to Maissade and the last place in Haiti you would expect to find a Hotel.

"Hotel Ermitage de Pandiassou" has become a secret getaway in Haiti's Central Plateau.

The Hotel Ermitage de Pandiassou is a new Hotel, inaugurated in March 11 2007, and tourist atraction in the Pandiassou area.

Hotel Ermitage de Pandiasso has a bout 15 spacious rooms, in a very calm country atmosphere, and with all the conforts of a the city (Electrity, TV, Internet Access, cold and hot water, etc...)

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